Webinar: How to make remote work actually work

March 27, 2020


Get ready to work remotely!

We are all aware of the importance of collaboration, and we know that psychological safety and trust is essential in a good work environment. But how do we create that when we are no longer working in the same space? 

More and more teams work from different locations, and due to the current situation, companies all around the world are suddenly working from home. 

So how do we make work work, when we can no longer rely on running into each other at the office? And how do we build that collaborative, safe and trusting culture in an online space?



During this webinar we explore: 

  • How to bridge the social gap we experience when we work from home.

  • How to build a collaborative culture online.

  • The most common mistakes people make when setting up remote teams.



Johanna Olsson, Co-founder at The Hows

Johanna is a Learning Designer and Facilitator and has worked within change management, leadership and team culture around the globe for +10 years. For the last couple of years Johanna has focused on exploring online learning experiences and distributed teams. She is passionate about creating a positive change through personal growth and believes that a great learning experience allows you to apply your new insights and skills straight away.


Victoria Lindén, Head of HR at Telavox

Victoria is the Head of HR (and lots of laughs) at Telavox. She has worked with and been a part of remote teams during her career and knows how tricky (and nice!) it can be. Victoria can’t get enough of everything related to culture, leadership and engagement – whether it regards remote teams or not.