PERSSON INVEST | “We needed a flexible and easy-to-use PBX”

From complicated and rigid to flexible and user-friendly – since the Persson Invest group made the transition to Telavox, efficiency has increased significantly. “This is the very opposite of what we had before”, says Veronica Johansson at Persson Invest.


When you have over a thousand staff, changing your PBX or communication solution is never easy. You know what you have, but not what you’ll be getting. But the Persson Invest group had reached a point where they simply couldn’t keep using an outdated solution. 

Persson Invest is a corporate group with 1,300 Swedish team members. The corporation was founded in 1932 and has seven businesses in the following areas: private cars, finance, real estate, timber, planing mills, lorries and buses, as well as renewable energy production.

“Our old PBX was difficult to manage. It just didn’t make sense for us to keep using hardware that would stop working properly every time changes were made. We wanted something simple and flexible”, says Veronica Johansson, Head of PBX and Apps at Persson Invest.

Flexibility key when choosing new PBX 

In fact, flexibility was the deciding factor when the group eventually decided on Telavox and their platform.

“What convinced us was the fact that Telavox is such a flexible service. It’s easy to administer the PBX yourself.”

Flexibility and user-friendliness were vital, but so was the ability to manage the entire system without external help. This was particularly important given that the solution would be used by no fewer than 1,300 people.

A user-friendly PBX 

“Given that we have such a large PBX, it’s crucial for us to be able to direct calls easily and with a clear overview of who’s available. Telavox is user-friendly to work with, and the direct opposite of what we had before.”

According to Veronica, accessibility is now greatly improved, and her team are able to manage their telephony. It’s easy to see who’s available, to direct calls and redirect call loops; if a particular customer or the family will be put through when you’re in a meeting.

“We introduced a new company in the PBX and they were raving about how smoothly everything went – even those who had been critical before the change were positive."

– Veronica Johansson, Head of PBX and Apps at Persson Invest.

Higher response frequency and full statistics insight

Telavox makes scaling easy, whether of the PBX or the number of users, whether up or down, all according to the changing needs of the organisation.

“A lot of people have had a bit of an aha-moment. We need to be able to make quick changes. Telavox has been a real boost for us. The statistics reflect this too, as we can see that our customers receive a better response frequency. Fewer calls are being sent to the switch, which indicates that they’re being directed to the right place.”

Considering more digitalisation

As a consequence of the successful implementation and increased efficiency of Telavox, the Persson Invest group are now considering other areas of their business for possible digitalisation.

“We’re looking into AI to see how that could work for us and how to make various systems more efficient. That’s another great this about Telavox – their door is wide open for people who want to help take their systems even further. I think it’s important to be able to contribute like that. That’s how you get the best results.”


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