LOGEX | “The transport industry is in constant flux, so agility is central”

Swedish carrier Logex AB have been customers of Telavox for 6 years now. “The flexibility and the great service from our advisor is what I value the most,” says Frida Häggström, Administrative Manager.

“With Telavox we can do almost everything ourselves”

Frida Häggström, administrative manager at Logex AB, manages the company’s PBX and telephony. She says the level of personal service is one of the main reasons why she chose to work with Telavox.

“We wanted to have our own contact person. Not having to talk to different departments and wait in line, as you have to do with the largest telco providers,” she says.

Today, Martin Hansson is Logex personal advisor, and Frida finds his support to be very valuable.

“Martin Hansson, our personal advisor, knows a lot about our company, our needs and how we use our PBX. That makes communication and problem solving quick and easy.”

A flexible PBX for an industry in constant change

Frida appreciates the agility that Telavox provides. She saves a lot of time by being able to manage most of the administration herself.

“For us, Telavox has been nothing but great. It means so much to be able to adapt our solution when our needs change,” she says.

With many employees, changes have to be made all the time. People come and go, and technology has to keep up.

“Whether I need to add surf, change someones administrative rights or get new licenses, I can easily do it myself. That’s super convenient,” says Frida.

“It’s so easy to use, most people don’t even need training”

Frida says the user-friendly interface of Telavox makes onboarding of new colleagues quick and fun.

“We have a large number of users. Most of them just get it immediately, without the need for any training at all. That’s how intuitive Telavox is,” she says.

As Logex is quickly growing, new people are hired regularly. This means that the need for availability, communication and customer service is continuously increasing.

“As we evolve, Telavox grows with us. We see Telavox as a long-term partner that helps us face new challenges as they arise,” says Frida.

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