Stockholm Pride | "Younger people prefer chat rooms. Telavox is a great fit for the app-generation."

Flexibility and security were deciding factors when Stockholm Pride chose Telavox for all of their communication needs. “As an added bonus, we got full control of our costs, and super fast support”, says Daniel Sörlöv, Vice Festival President at Stockholm Pride.

Safer volunteering with Telavox-numbers

Stockholm Pride is an entirely volunteer-run organisation. For a long time, people therefore used their own mobile phones and contracts when volunteering. But for safety reasons, this was something that Daniel and the other managers were looking to change. Normally working as an information security specialist at Microsoft, Daniel quickly realised that the old ways just weren’t up to par when it came to safety.

“There is a certain risk of getting targeted that comes with being involved in HBTQ-issues, and there have been incidents of volunteers receiving unpleasant phone calls at night. We needed a better solution for our communication, so people wouldn’t have to use their own phone numbers anymore”, he says.



"Flexibility is key for us. Unlike a traditional contract, these licences can easily be transferred and cancelled, which suits us perfectly", says Daniel Sörlöv, Vice Festival President at Stockholm Pride.

In a voluntary organisation, the roles and levels of involvement are often more fluid than in a business, meaning telephony and communication solutions need to tick a different set of boxes.

“Because not all volunteers are involved at all times, traditional contracts just didn’t work for us. Telavox is based on licences that can be transferred between users, which is ideal for us”, says Daniel.

Telavox is perfect for the app-generation

Pride is an organisation with many young volunteers, and Daniel believes there is a clear difference between how the various generations prefer to communicate.

“Younger people prefer to use chat rooms. If an organisation or company doesn’t provide an efficient solution, they’ll find their own. Telavox is a great fit for the app-generation, putting all communication into one app”, he says.

"Younger people prefer chat rooms. Telavox is a great fit for the app-generation", Daniel says.

At the same time, Daniel points out, everyone in the organisation quickly learnt how to use Telavox. The intuitive and user-friendly interface made the onboarding process short and painless, even for those with less tech experience.

“We received incredible support by our advisors at Telavox, but most of it was so straightforward, we were able to do it on our own”, he says.

Several features in Telavox have even become more popular than Daniel predicted. 

“For example, it’s easy to change your profile setting from ‘Available’ to ‘Away’. Maybe this is particularly important when you’re a volunteer, donating your own time – you need to be able to take a break every now and then”, he says.

Better overview and full cost control

Daniel stresses how much easier Telavox makes administration, both of licences and PBX itself. “It’s quick and easy to create your own interactive voice response, call transfers, and groups. For a voluntary organisation, that flexibility and simplicity is priceless”, he says.

To Daniel, the transparent business model and easy-to-understand invoices are other significant benefits of using Telavox.

“We love the detailed invoices that tell us exactly where the money goes. Suddenly, accounting for every penny spent is a no-brainer, as is making sure that each entry is matched with the right cost centre.”

Working with Telavox has exceeded Daniel’s expectations, and he especially appreciates being able to choose a supplier who supports the core values of his organisation.

“It means a lot for us to be able to work with values-driven organisations. You can tell that Telavox are genuinely conscious of CSR, inclusivity, and HBTQ-issues”, he says.

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