SMS PARK | “The Telavox app makes life easier”

Who would have thought a new PBX could make such a difference? We had a chat with Emma Fermér and Anna Mouwitz at SMS Park when they had been using the Telavox app for about a month.

With 2 million users, excellent customer support is essential

Almost 2 million Swedish drivers use the SMS park app to pay for parking. With that many users, it’s vital that customer support is a well-oiled machine. Emma Fermér, Head of customer service, and Anna Mouwitz, Competence coach, have been cooperating with the company’s IT manager and IT technicians to find the optimal PBX solution.

“Unfortunately, our previous suppliers did not fully live up to the promises that were initially made. What we needed was a full-scale PBX that could cover all of our needs”, says Emma.

Before there were often problems related to the PBX system. Not every call would not come through, which caused confusion and frustration. But having used the Telavox app for about a month, both Anna and Emma are very enthusiastic and happy about their new system.

“Life is easier with Telavox! And now we feel more confident, knowing that everything works,” says Anna.

“Today we can handle almost everything ourselves”

Things that used to require support from the supplier, can now be handled internally instead. With Telavox, it’s easy to make adjustments and changes.

“Before we often had to wait weeks just to add a new user. With the Telavox app we can do things like that ourselves in less than a minute”, says Anna.

To be able to handle administrative tasks in-house gives freedom and flexibility. And if someone would need assistance, Telavox is just a phone call or an email away. Emma and Anna find the system with personal advisors to be very valuable.

“Having a specific person to turn to with questions, who already know our company and us, saves time and energy.”

Smoother onboarding than expected

Emma and Anna were both a little nervous when it was time to make the actual transition. Replacing your complete PBX can seem complicated, and they worried that problems would arise.

“We can’t afford any downtime, so it was important for us that everything would work properly immediately,” says Anna.

And it turned out they hadn’t had to worry. The transition went smoothly, and Telavox were present throughout the whole change.

“Our management, as well as our staff, received great training at numerous occasions before the transition, and our advisor from Telavox helped through the whole process,” says Anna.

“Now we can measure everything”

One of the reasons why Anna and Emma chose Telavox, was that the app makes it so easy to track and monitor statistics. The plan is to also integrate Telavox with the company’s Power BI and with Zendesk.

“Today we can measure everything. We can see what kind of calls we receive and when we receive them so that we know when and how to schedule our staff”, says Anna.

The statistics are also used to develop and fine tune the processes in the team and for educational and coaching purposes.

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