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Since starting out in 2012, fintech-company Tink have grown from 30 to 160 employees. “Telavox has grown with us, and made our lives easier every step of the way”, says Filip Jonsson, Office Manager at Tink.

In the beginning of 2019, Tink secured more than half a million in new capital when a US-American risk capital giant became their new majority owner. Now, the company are planning an aggressive expansion into 20 European countries.

Since their foundation seven years ago, the Sweden-based company have used Telavox to make managing their internal switchboard services easier.

“Telavox makes it easy for our employees to put through calls to co-workers and see who’s available”, says Filip Jonsson, Office Manager at Tink.

With their sights set on new markets, and plans on almost doubling the number of employees in 2019, well-oiled internal communication is particularly important at this stage.

“With heavy usage and rapidly growing staff numbers, communication has to work perfectly”, Filip sums up.

Tink plan on expanding into 20 European countries in 2019. Pictured here is the company’s tech hub in Warsaw, Poland.

Easy start for new team members

The company’s swift growth has put their internal telephony to the test. Filip stresses how efficient scaling-up has been with Telavox. For every newly joined team member, administrators can easily add a user to the system. Temporary employees simply get a temporary licence, that is also effortlessly created by admins.

“All our employees use Telavox – regardless of what provider or contract they have. The PBX is fast, simple, and user-friendly. New team members understand the app straight away”, says Filip.

The company are now looking to increase their Telavox usage, and start using it for conference calls and support management as well.

“To us, Telavox are by far the best option on the market. Telavox is at the forefront both when it comes to tech, and to corporate telephony in general.”

“Most importantly, we need a smart support solution, because we receive a lot of those customer phone calls. We’re not quite there yet, but it is something we hope and believe Telavox will be able to help us with”, says Filip.

“Telavox have superior customer service”

Many of Tink’s team members work abroad and depend heavily on a flawless connection. Phones connecting to networks with poor connection have been a recurring issue.

“When Telavox heard about this problem, they immediately started working on a solution – involving us, based on our particular needs and challenges”, says Filip.

To Filip, the extensive and accessible support is one of the biggest benefits of being a Telavox customer.

“Their support is fast and helpful. Even when we’ve had urgent issues, like missing data abroad, Telavox have been great at solving issues right away.”

As Telavox administrator, Filip appreciates how much you can do yourself: from keeping track of users and porting phone numbers to adding licences for new users and managing data.

“We actually don’t need to contact Telavox very often. But whenever we do have a question, whatever it may be, they always sort it out immediately”, he says.

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