BRÖDERNA BRANDT BIL | “Now, we can spend more time on the things that create value”

A complicated IT-solution and a lack of knowledge from its customer service created an unsustainable situation for a company with 500 employees on 23 different sites. So Daniel Schwartz, Head of IT at Bröderna Brandt Bil, started looking for another way. In the end, it came down to customer focus, and he decided to go with Telavox.

Long waiting times, tiresome emailing back and forth, frequent misunderstandings, and a customer support that neither understood its company’s products nor its customers – that’s how Daniel describes his organisation’s previous telephony supplier. 

“It just wasn’t tenable anymore to spend that much time sorting out order mistakes and waiting for the supplier to do their job”, he says. 

“When I learnt about the personal advisor-concept, I knew it was the right fit for us", Daniel Schwartz, Head of IT at Bröderna Brandt Bil, says.

Complete customer focus through personal advisors

Daniel describes how he was already familiar with the Telavox technology, but that he discovered another aspect that turned out to be just as important: 

“I had been following Telavox since they started out, and knew that they had one of the best platforms. But what made me choose them was actually that Telavox are so focused on delivering customer service. When I learnt about the personal advisor-concept, I knew it was the right fit for us.”

The personal advisor serves as a permanent contact person who keeps track of what Daniel and his company need and want. Through this continuous contact with the same person, he receives customer service at a level he hasn’t experienced before.  

Simple introduction instead of frustration

With the help of his advisor, onboarding his company to Telavox was carried out quickly and without any difficulties. Daniel and his team were able to do most of it themselves, which saved them time and potential frustration. At the same time, the advisor was always at hand.

“We set everything up ourselves easily – the entire switch structure with 60 menu entries and a little more than 100 ACD-queues. Our brilliant advisor Kristian supported us throughout the process and provided new perspectives and ideas. When you’re in the middle of a big project, you tend to get blind to the flaws at home, so having this outside perspective was really valuable”, Daniel recalls.

With 500 employees on 23 different sites, communication that works without a fault is crucial.

More time to create value

When changing telephony suppliers before, Daniel has had to spend significant amounts of time mapping out the solution in use at the time, and filling out documents for the new supplier. But instead of handing over information and then having to take subsequent detours via the supplier, Daniel now sees more knowledge resting with him and his team. This brings both expected and unexpected advantages: 

“The biggest benefits of Telavox are the user-friendliness and the transparency. Everyone in our IT-department is able to make the changes needed on a daily basis. That makes using telephony a lot more fun. But it also means that we’re able to spend more time on the things that actually create value.”

Customer input welcome!

Another aspect of the Telavox customer focus that Daniel has found to be essential, is that communication with the company goes both ways. He is able to give feedback on the solutions his company use, and knows that it is valued. The fact that Telavox develop their products themselves, combined with the direct and personal contact with his advisor, creates a unique culture which to him is fundamentally different to that of other, bigger suppliers. 

“One of my pet peeves is when suppliers don’t maintain a dialogue with their customers. Some just take for granted that they know exactly how everybody else likes to work, and assume that all of their customers operate under the same conditions. The personal relationship means a lot to me: I can email or call my advisor directly to discuss new ideas or suggestions for improvements. That is an incredible strength”, says Daniel.

Interfaces that make work more fun

Something Daniel also appreciates when using Telavox is the appealing, simple design. The mobile and desktop app are created in the same design, as is the softphone. In his opinion, this flattens the user’s learning curve in more than one way:

“The visual interface of these Telavox products gives a good overview and supports you as you find your way around it. That makes it easier to teach colleagues who may not be as well-versed in telephony jargon and buzzwords.”

Daniel admits to having been sceptical of the graphics and layout of the administration portal at first, but now puts it down to old habits:

“I was used to an admin interface that consisted of boring, text-based pages. You input node numbers and telephone numbers to connect and create menu entries and ACD-queues, all without being able to see what you’re doing directly.”

But it didn’t take long for him to be won over by the benefits of the new interface.

“Telavox lets you see the tree growing as you’re building it. That’s a much nicer environment to be working in”, he summarises.

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